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  • Benutzername Bream
  • Bei GP seit Dienstag, den 21. Februar 2006
  • Geburtstag Samstag, den 20. Januar 1979 (39 Jahre)
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    WARNING: Viva la BREAM features spams performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals to ensure the safety of performers and animals alike. Accordingly, GP and the producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any of these spams or activities.


    I am the push, that makes you move!
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    ehemaliger Nitro-Teamfahrer
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  • Trinkst Du Alkohol
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    Clockwork orange, Butterfly Effect, Reservoir Dogs, Omen 1-3, Donnie Darko, Kill Bill Vol. 1 + 2, Fight Club, Der blutige Pfad Gottes
  • Lieblingsmusik
    Atreyu, Heaven shall burn, Darkest Hour, Comeback Kid, Silverstein, Hope Conspirancy, Story of the year, Poison the well, Thrice, Shai Hulud, Walls of Jericho, Death by Stereo, Caliban, Boy sets fire, Snapcase, Shorebreak, Nations on Fire, Yuppicide, Spineshank, Still Remains, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of today, Spirit of Youth, Trivium, Morning again, Hatebreed, Tupamaros, days in grief, Thrice, Funeral for a friend, From Autumn to ashes, Poison the well, Strike anywhere, Thursday, Hellacopters, Danko Jones, Mad Sin, AFI, and certainly LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN
  • Lieblingslocation
    Black Out - SLS, 6null3, KUFA
  • Hobbys
    Hobbies sind was was für Menschen mit zu viel Zeit!
Noch mehr über mich :)
  • Freies Feld A step apart, I don't fit In with my peers, but I don't give a shit Laughed at in the streets of my town Their laughter hurts, but I'll hold my ground

    Hold Your...GROUND
    Hold Your...
    Hold Your Ground

    It's time to stand up, for what you believe Have no fear of your critics Be proud of the life you lead You may be different from your friends but if their true they'll understand

    Hold your ground - Be yourself and be the best you can Step Out!

    Conformity, the easy way to be accepted I'd rather be outcast any day. It's hard to be yourself with all the pressures coming down, It takes a strong fucking person to hold your ground.

    Hold You...GROUND
    Hold Your...
    Hold Your Ground

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